COVID 19 or the coronavirus disease is an infectious disease, and it was first detected in Wuhan, China last December 2019. Due to its fast spread worldwide, it was later considered by WHO as a pandemic. Many people suffered from this disease and have died. This is why lots of people are seeking for COVID 19 preventions.

COVID 19 is transmittable through droplets from a positive patient. The virus inside the body can live up to 14 days. Patients can suffer from mild to severe symptoms according to the severity of their illness.

WHO and various health organizations worldwide are currently working by responding to the COVID 19 disease. Since the number of cases worldwide is increasing, it is essential to know the preventive measures for this disease. This article will give you broad ideas and a basic understanding about COVID 19 preventions.

How COVID 19 Affects People

Due to the outraging cases, many businesses, establishments, and schools have stopped operation. Many people have lost their jobs; places are put in lockdowns; and many people have lost their loved ones due to COVID 19. In short, COVID 19 has affected the day-to-day lives of people around the world and the country’s economy. 

COVID 19 Preventions

COVID 19 prevention helps in minimizing the spread of the disease. If you are working and encountering lots of people every day, it is important to know the precautions. These COVID 19 preventions can protect you and your loved ones from the infection. The following are helpful COVID 19 preventions from WHO that you can use in your daily life.

● Clean your hands frequently with soap and alcohol or sanitizers.
● Avoid putting or touching your eyes, mouth, and nose with your hands.
● Observe physical distancing, about a meter distance.
● Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing.
● Stay at home.
● Disinfect your things after exposure outside the house

Why Is Disinfection Necessary For COVID 19 Preventions?

Disinfection is one of the essential things to do right after exposure outside, since it was mentioned above that the virus could be transmitted through droplets. These droplets are heavy enough to stay in the air so that they will fall on surfaces like floors, handrails, and doorknobs.

That’s why disinfection is essential to prevent the spread of the virus.

How To Disinfect

Disinfecting helps decrease the pathogens present in things and thus, will eliminate the spread of the viruses. The following are some effective steps in disinfecting your things, wherein disinfecting is considered a critical stage.
● Wear gloves when disinfecting.
● Use safe chemicals in disinfecting, but never mix one chemical with another. It can create hazardous chemicals.
● Avoid contacting foods with chemicals.
● Use towels when disinfecting.

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COVID 19 is an infectious disease that attacks the major systems of the patient. The cases are still growing, and along with it are the deaths of the patients. COVID 19 preventions are strictly implemented to avoid the spread of this deadly disease. One of the safety precautions includes disinfection. You can contact Daily Disinfection to help you with disinfection against COVID 19.

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